Our work is guided by several standards:

Providing the experience of highly qualified senior professionals.

Founding partners John Whaley and Julie LeVay are closely involved with each client, guiding most, if not all, of the service. Our specialists are assigned to a project when their specific experience and specialized areas of knowledge serve to strengthen the team. When included, all specialists work closely with and under the direction of either John or Julie.

Creating unique approaches for unique institutions.

Our work is specially tailored to meet each institution's goals, taking into account its history, environment and current situation yet also drawing from the experience we've gained in working within a wide variety of nonprofit enterprises.

Helping you build your organization.

We work as a part of your team, pairing our objectivity and range of experience with the valuable knowledge and insight you hold of your organization. The combination will strengthen your advancement programs and help you build for -- and achieve -- success in capital campaigns and other fund-raising programs.

Measuring our success by yours.

Over 90% of our clients are referred to us by organizations we have served in the past. That is one measure of the successful approach upon which Whaley LeVay is based -- one in which our partners are actively involved and hold a personal stake in your success.